A “love question” in the morning

Send in your Questions!  Pretty soon, every morning there will be a “LQ” a love question.  It will be short and be something like the following, and it will be followed by a poll.  That’s where the readers get to vote and help!
Start to send in your story so it can be a Love Question..  Send it to story@theloveapp.com
Sometimes they will be fictional — or about a couple in the news.  The only criteria is that the question must be “he loves me, he loves me not”
I have been dating a great guy for three months. We have a lot in common. He has told me he loves me, he is considerate of my time, but days go by when he doesn’t call. Do you think his disappearing is a sign?  He knows it bothers me but he refuses to explain.  Does he love me?

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