A “love question” in the morning

Send in your Questions!  Pretty soon, every morning there will be a “LQ” a love question.  It will be short and be something like the following, and it will be followed by a poll.  That’s where the readers get to vote and help!
Start to send in your story so it can be a Love Question..  Send it to story@theloveapp.com
Sometimes they will be fictional — or about a couple in the news.  The only criteria is that the question must be “he loves me, he loves me not”
I have been dating a great guy for three months. We have a lot in common. He has told me he loves me, he is considerate of my time, but days go by when he doesn’t call. Do you think his disappearing is a sign?  He knows it bothers me but he refuses to explain.  Does he love me?

Hello world!

The Love App blog will bring you articles and videos and all sorts of other things about love.

But it will also crowd source a daily question.  Stay tuned.

The Love App will replace the daisy…. and answer

“he loves me, he loves me not”